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"Random Act'S"  HOME SCHOOL THEATRE & Vocal Music
Our Theatre and Vocal Music programs are designed for students ages 6-16yrs.

Join your Home School friends for a weekly Performing Arts experience!

Our Spring Production is...
"Jonah's Druthers" 
A Whale of a Tail in the old West 
Admission is FREE!
Come enjoy the show at Joyful Soles studio April 29th at 2:00pm or 4:00pm.

Join us!  
Classes begin September 1st 2023
Our "elective" Home School Theatre course includes, Drama Instruction, Voice Training and Dance

If your student isn't interested in Acting, we offer a Vocal Music Class we know they will love!
For more specific information on our Vocal Music program,
please select our Home School Vocal Music drop down option under "Classes."

Cost: Theatre  - First Family member: $45 per month
Additional family members: $30 per month 

Group Vocal Music: $30 per month per dancer 

Theatre  Annual Production Fees 
$90 for the 1st family member and
$45 for each additional family member.

Vocal Music Annual Production Fees
$30 for each student.

We would love to have you join us this season!

Registration Deadline

Theatre and Vocal Music Instruction run as 2 semesters. 
Registration for our Fall semester ends September 8th,2023.  Registration for our Spring semester ends January 12th, 2024

Home School Families will enjoy instruction under…

Miss Susie our Vocal Instructor! She will teach our Thespians and Vocal Music students, harmony, pitch, breathe control, basic music theory and stage presence.

Miss Amanda
is returning for an encore performance as our Director! Thespians will enjoy lessons in “Drama” technique, stage movement, voice projection, elocution, character development and more!

Miss Isabelle, our Choreographer, will teach our Thespians a variety of dance movements as they sing and dance their way through our production. 

Miss Tami our Producer will oversee all aspects of our program, providing support and instruction where needed.  Miss Tami will also act as Choreographer, Costumer and Set/ Prop manager.

If you have any questions about our program, please call Miss Tami - 720-318-6220