Dancing is one of the best things we can do for our body, mind and soul. 

 It's no wonder Psalm 150:4 compels us to Praise Him with Dance! 

                                  Tumnus' Home - Narnia 2016                                                                              Lucy & The Lamppost - Narnia 2016  

"Once a King or Queen in Narnia, Always a King or Queen in Narnia"

The Photos in the Albums below will give you an idea of the fun we had doing this production in 2016.
We will produce this show again for our May 2018 Celebration. 
You can expect a return of many of our favorite dances plus new music, dances and costumes!

Join us May 5th at 2pm or 7pm or, May 6th at 3pm for this fun, family event!

Aslan, the returning King, is not a tame Lion, but He is good."

Photos from our 2017 production of...

The Glass Slipper
Can be seen throughout our website!