About Us

  Joyful Soles Dance and Performing Arts, Inc. offers excellent Dance and Theatre instruction in a family friendly environment.  We provide dance instruction to those planning to make dance a career and those dancing for pure fun. Our music selections include Classical Composers, Contemporary Christian Music and occasionally, other Contemporary tunes with family friendly lyrics.   

Our studio encourages modesty in dance attire and costuming.
We want our little girls to remain little girls and our young women to see themselves as treasures worth waiting for. 

We want our boys and young men to understand their value as individuals and have the confidence to stand for what they believe in.    

The famous ballerina, Martha Graham once said, “Dance is the hidden language of the soul.”

At Joyful Soles, we believe there is a “Dancer” in each of us. 
Our dancers are encouraged to experience dance as a powerful form of personal and corporate expression.  

Come and join us! 

Whether you’re still trying to tell your right foot from your left or you can leap through the air like gazelle, we have a class for you!

 All are welcome!