Class Descriptions

What are “Mustard Seeds”? Matthew 13:31-32
“Mustard Seeds” are our Pre-School Dancers.  In a fun, imaginative format, they learn and build upon foundational skills in Ballet, Tap
and Jazz. Each age division is designed to accommodate the beginning student as well as those with past dance experience.

Keeping the Beat is a 45minute Musical Adventure for Pre-School students, ages 3-5yrs.
Get your little dancer off to a great start! Rhythm is foundational for a successful Dance experience. Children in this class play rhythm instruments as they sing and move to a variety of songs each week. Every class is introduced by a new puppet who guides us on a thematic weekly adventure. Each adventure includes fun visuals, manipulatives and instruments that
encourage gross and fine motor movements to The Beat.

Where should your Dancer begin?
We’ve divided our Dancers by age & skill level. Dancers wishing to take classes labeled “Intermediate” or Level I and higher, need approval from our Director and Instructors before attending.  Divisions ARE NOT set in stone. If a younger student demonstrates acquisition of more advanced skills than their age group offers, they may test into older, more advanced classes.  Additionally, if a student needs increased technique, they may be asked to attend a class at a lower level or age category.

 So many choices… What’s the difference?

 Ballet is a classical dance form characterized by grace, precise of movements, elaborate formal gestures, steps, and poses.
            It is highly technical and has its own French vocabulary.

 Ballet-Pointe Ballet is part of Classical Ballet Technique. Dancers support all their body weight on the tips of fully extended feet 
                        within Pointe shoes.

 Barre Fitness is a full--body workout that utilizes ballet based movements to condition your entire body. In this low impact workout
                           you will use isometric holds and contractions to work multiple muscle groups at a time. You will strengthen your core
                           and challenge every muscle in your body! Workout will be set to high energy Christian music! Feed your body and
                           your soul!  Do you have to be a dancer? NO!  Anyone can do this workout! Come join us! Bring: Water,
                           Hand Weights (2) 1 or 2lb and (2) 5,8 or 10lb, a light ball (optional), and a mat (optional)

 Contemporary Dance combines elements of Modern, Jazz, Lyrical, and Classical Ballet. As the word “Contemporary” implies,
                                         this style morphs to the “Now” of our culture and often expresses a point of view.

 Jazz Dance takes traditional Ballet movements and bends them to match the rhythm and mood of Jazz music.

 Hip Hop began as “Street Dance” performed to hip-hop music. Its popularity earned this high energy dance style recognition as a
                valid dance form.  Hip Hop combines breaking, locking, and popping with traditional dance moves and poses.

 Lyrical Dance is a fusion of Ballet and Jazz  technique and is characterized by graceful, fluid movements.

 Modern Dance rejects many of the strict rules of Classical Ballet and utilized its own, specialized, more abstract techniques.